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Centre Culturel Libertaire (CCL), 4, rue de Colmar, Lille

PAK is back! After playing bass in PAK for many years Ron Anderson is back on guitar with a more powerful heavier sound. New members Steve Blanco (Imperial Triumphant) on bass and Larry Kwartowitz (Cleric) on drums are stretching the bands previous boundaries pushing PAK to new sonic directions. PAK "Bestial" 53 minutes of new music


The Alien Planetscapes Tribute Festival

Caffeine Underground, 447 Central Ave, Brooklyn, NY

This is a concert in memory of our departed friend Doug Walker and his project Alien Planetscapes.  List of confirmed musicians: DRUMS / PERCUSSION: Matt Block, Mark McClemensBASS: Mark McClemens, Philip Howell GUITAR:Ron Anderson, John Potenza, Kevin MapplebeckSYNTHESIZER: Matt Block, Ricardo D’Orlando



Pas Musique presents: Ambient Chaos August Edition

Spectrum, 70 Flushing Avenue Garage A, Brooklyn, NY

Pas Musique presents: Ambient Chaos August Edition These are early shows. START TIME 7:30 PM SHARP-END TIME 10 PM. Jim Tuite - Live Video All Evening Sarah Bernstein BERNSTEIN is a New York-based composer and violinist whose work incorporates vocals, electronics, improvisation and original text. She is known for her fiery multidisciplinary performances, and has garnered international acclaim for her distinctive recordings. She leads the avant-jazz Sarah Bernstein Quartet, improvising strings Frikativ Quartet, and synth-pop trio Day So Far. Her minimalist/poetry duo Unearthish celebrates the release of their second album: Crazy Lights Shining (Phase Frame). Recent release Kid Millions & Sarah Bernstein Tense Life (577 Records) juxtaposes her heavily processed violin and voice with explosive drums. Nominated "Rising Star" in the DownBeat Critics Poll for the past four years, Bernstein is a recognized innovator in forward-thinking jazz. Her poetry has been published by Red Ceilings Press and Sensitive Skin Magazine. She is originally from San Francisco, CA. http://sarahbernstein.com2) Robert L. Pepper/Ron Anderson (Duo)Robert L. Pepper , is a Brooklyn born artist/musician, based in New York City. His works include oil, and acrylic paintings, films, and experimental music recordings. His work is abstract in nature while using various symbols and occult references. His portraits are a breakdown of the subject’s personality into abstract designs and esoteric symbols. His musical projects include Pas Musique, The Jazzfakers, Eyryx, and Limax Maximus. Robert has performed and displayed art in over 18  www.pasmusique.netRon Anderson is a guitarist, composer and improviser who plays traditional instruments like electric guitar but also anything that can make a sound, including a recording studio. He appears on over 70 releases and he has performed in over 20 different countries with multiple tours of North America, Europe and Japan. 3) Zilmrah Duet For Theremin and Lapsteelhttp://duetonline.netDuet for Theremin and Lap Steel is an improvising duo from Atlanta Georgia. They have performedextensively nationally and internationally for the past 10 years. The sound is experimental by nature, buteasy on the ears, and has been compared to the likes of Brian Eno, John Luther Adams, and Cluster.Undulating soundscapes rise and fall, reaching slowly swelling crescendos of sensory overload, drifting in a balance of beauty and tension. Their shared instincts create an invisible structure that transcends more traditional drone music to achieve its own rhythm and tonal logic. The name of this Atlanta duo implies a proper classical recital, a rigid formality. But Scott Burland (theremin) and Frank Schultz (lap steel) don't do scripted, improvising not so much distinct sounds as evolving eddies of sound, vapors of tones that develop and transform gracefully. Hypnotic pulses and dreamy drones weave together to form a kaleidoscope of sounds and moods, ambient clouds and swooning collages that are as much about texture as they are timbre, like a long-lost soundtrack to a deep-sea documentary.  


Ron Anderson, Max Jaffe, Brandon Lopez

The Stone, Avenue C and 2nd street, New York, NY

Ron Anderson (guitar)  Max Jaffe (drums) Brandon Lopez (bass) This will be the premiere performance of this mega intense super power trio.   


Ron Anderson and Brian Chase

Le Poisson Rouge, 158 Bleecker Street, New York, NY

Ron Anderson (guitar) and Brian Chase (drums and electronics) will perform at 8pm sharp. 

Also performing will be: Dinmachine, Glockabelle, John 3:16 


The Molecules

Barking Legs Theater, 1307 Dodds Ave, Chattanooga, TN

 The Molecules with Korybantes (Evan Lipson Bob Stagner Rick Weaver) and Red Okra King



The Molecules

Haymarket Whiskey Bar, 331 E. Market St, Louisville, KY

It was 16 years ago that we last played in Louisville. Once again we are very happy to be playing with our friends in Ut Gret.


Ambient-Chaos Night - A SPECIAL APRIL FOOL'S DAY Event

Spectrum, 121 Ludlow, Second Floor, New York, NY

Ron Anderson will perform a short solo on his classic Korg MS-20 synthesizer at Robert L. Pepper (PAS) and Damien Olsen present: Ambient-Chaos Night - A SPECIAL APRIL FOOL'S DAY Event Short but sweet 10-15 minute sets! The event starts early. So please be there by 7:30 to settle in and enjoy the frequencies. Performing Acts: Schedule of appearance: 1) redgreenblue 2) Jazzfakers (Solo Sets) 3) Kerwin Williamson 4) David Grollman 5) Krystal Grant 6) Ron Anderson 7) Carey Burtt 8) Glenn Cornett and Robert Pepper 9) Luke Schwartz (guitar) + Vasu Panicker (keyboards)

$10-20 dollar floating donation.


Experiments in Opera Benefit Concert and Mingle

Spectrum, 121 Ludlow, Second Floor, New York, NY

Featuring performances by members and directors of the contemporary music ensemble Hotel Elefant. Also featuring performances by Experiments in Opera Co-founders Aaron Siegel, Matthew Welch and Jason Cady. John Zorn appears as our special guest. Ron Anderson (guitar), Brian Chase (drums), John Zorn (sax) will be performing as a trio. This supports Experiments in Opera's upcoming collaboration with Hotel Elefant: an evening of 10 new short operas by 10 composers. (Sat., Feb 9, 2013).

$20 suggested donation at the door


Dither's Invisible Dog Extravaganza! 2012

The Invisible Dog, 51 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, NY

Ron Anderson will be part of a twenty guitar orchestra organized by the band Dither. Dither's Invisible Dog Extravaganza! 2012 ---> Dither ---> Anthony Coleman & Ashley Paul ---> Mary Halvorson & Jessica Pavone---> Victoire---> Peter Evans---> Preshish Moments---> Object Collection---> TILT BrassFEATURING: John Zorn’s Lacrosse performed by Dither Lois V. Vierk’s Jagged Mesa performed by TILTPhill Niblock’s 2 lips performed by the Dither Guitar OrchestraDither announces our third annual Invisible Dog Extravaganza! – a raucous festival of creative music and art at the Invisible Dog Art Center. The evening will showcase a cross-section of New York’s diverse experimental music scene, with influences spanning jazz, classical music, theater, electronica and the avant garde. The New Yorker dubbed Dither’s extravaganza an “official concert on the edge” and Time Out New York asks you to “immerse yourself in the here and now of New York’s postclassical music scene.” There will be 10 short sets throughout the evening, featuring a distinguished line-up of guests: Legendary keyboardist Anthony Coleman will perform in a duo with the multifaceted saxophonistAshley Paul; Guitarist Mary Halvorson and violist Jessica Pavone will present their beautiful and odd blend of compositions, songs, and improv; Victoire will perform the artfully honed chamber pop of Missy Mazzoli; Peter Evans will offer a solo set of extensible trumpeting; Preshish Moments will produce a sonic palette of live electronica/exotica; Object Collection will provide an invigorating onslaught of maximalist theater; TILT Brass will perform Jagged Mesa, an explosive composition by Lois V. Vierk. Dither’s offerings include John Zorn’s Lacrosse, a game piece which they have developed in collaboration with the composer. The quartet will also perform a set of compositions written for them by emergent composers Paula Matthusen and Jascha Narveson, plus a new piece by Dither member Josh Lopes. As a centerpiece to the evening, Dither will expand their forces to an orchestra of 20 guitars to perform Phill Niblock’s 2 lips, a monolithic microtonal composition which Niblock has adapted for Dither for an upcoming release on Touch Music.



The Molecules

The Stone, Corner of Avenue C & 2nd Street, New York, NY

A very rare appearance of 1990’s San Francisco Bay Area legends The Molecules. Ron Anderson - guitar, voice, trumpetThomas Scandura -drumsJohn Shiurba - bass. voice  Paroxysmal and unpredictable, spazz-core trio the Molecules was a Bay Area underground fixture in the early '90s. Formed in 1990 by guitarist Ron Anderson, drummer Thomas Scandura, and bassist Chris Millner, the Oakland-based band went through two more bassists, the third being John Shiurba. The industrious Molecules played local shows constantly; they seemed to specialize in opening for Japanese noise bands. The oft-challenging performances predated much of today's avant-weird by a decade, serving up a genre scramble that drew equally from prog, no wave, punk. They managed to release several exceptional albums and kept up a hefty touring regimen that included jaunts across North America, Europe, and Japan. The band's keen approach to deconstructing song arrangements and experimental willpower were adored by many Japanese noise rockers and led to collaborations and tours with Otomo Yoshihide, Melt Banana, Merzbow, and Ruins. This frantic and exciting show is definitely not for the fainthearted.



Marco Cappelli's Improv Holloween Night.

Jack, 505+1/2 Waverly Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Ron Anderson improv duet with Mr. Special Mystery Guest. Also Marco Cappelli’s Italian Surf Academy and BRIAN FREEZE (Stuart Popejoy, Sarah Bernstein, Brittany Anjou)



Goodbye Blue Monday - Experi-MENTAL Festival 4

Goodbye Blue Monday - Experi-MENTAL Festival 4, 1087 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY

Ron Anderson, Lawry Zilmrah, Dave Tamura, Robert Pepper The 4th edition of the The Experi-MENTAL Festival will be held on October 5, 6 and 7, 2012. The Experi-MENTAL Festival 4 will be a three-day music festival concentrating on creative and experimental music performance of all genres and artistic disciplines. The festival is run by the Brooklyn based experimental audio/video project PAS and the Alrealon Musique label. The festival will take place in Brooklyn on the weekend of October 5, 6, and 7th at Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn, New York. The festival focuses on new and innovative techniques of sound technique and performance. We are focused in developing a network of experimental arts that are supportive of their peers. It’s not about ego but about community.

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