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 PAK - Bestial (CD) - U.S. $15, Foreign $25

 Oblique Quartet - Tlaloc Beat (CD) - U.S. $15, Foreign $25 

  * PAK - NYJPN - U.S. $15, Foreign $25  Sold Out

Ron Anderson's PAK - Secret Curve - U.S. $15, Foreign $25

PAK - The AshField Sessions - 43 minute CDR limited Edition  U.S. $15,  Foreign $25 (a few left)

The Molecules - Friends - (full length CD and full length DVD)  U.S. $15,  Foreign $25

  * PAK - Motel - U.S. $15 Foreign $25  Sold Out

The Infusion - Red Horse - U.S. $15 Foreign $25

Blipvert - Triple Acid Foot - U.S. $15, Foreign $25

Jason Willett and Ron Anderson - Be The First On The Block To Eat The Snake - U.S $15, Foreign $25

BE THE FIRST ON THE BLOCK TO EAT THE SNAKE signed/number by RA + Jason Willett $25, Foreign $35

PAK - 100% Human Hair - U.S. $15, Foreign $25

  *The Infusion - The Infusion CD  sold out

RonRuins - Big Shoes CD - U.S. $15, Foreign $25 few copy left (no booklets left, I can make you a copy).

Ron Anderson-Anything Is Possible CD - U.S. $15, Foreign Countries $25

The Molecules - Steel Toe CD -   U.S. $15,  Foreign $25 (a few copies left)

  *The Molecules - Down Under The Black Light CD  sold out

  * The Molecules - Morokyu CD -   sold out 

  The Molecules - NO-FI CD - U.S. $15, Foreign $25

  * The Molecules - Bootleg or Rootleg CD  sold out

Ron Anderson - Pack Small Are Half Inch CD - U.S. $15, Foreign $25

 Ron Anderson and Tatsuya Yoshida - First Meeting CD - U.S. $15, Foreign $25

  * Ron Anderson and Tatsuya Yoshida - A Is For A Accident CD  sold out

  * Ronruins - Ketsunoana CD  sold out

  * Happy New Year - Happy New Year CD  sold out

Happy New Year - Live From The Back Part Of The Flag CD - U.S. $15,  $25  (few copies left)
Metal Eater - Virus  - U.S. $15, Foreign $25 (few copies left)

Yellow Tang - Yellow Tang - U.S. $15, Foreign Countries $25 (few copies left)

Knormalities - 7inch - U.S. sold out

Erase Yer Head #6 THE MOLECULES, RUINS, MUG, ALBOTH!, BELLY BUTTON - 7inch - U.S. $8, Foreign Countries $20

Fever Dream - LP -U.S. $20,  Foreign Countries $36  (few copies left)

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