PAK: New York City Avant/Progressive Trio Releases Bestial CD Through Nefarious Industries.

PAK: New York City Avant/Progressive Trio Releases Bestial CD Through Nefarious Industries.

Nefarious Industries this week releases Bestial, the latest album from long-running New York City-based math/prog/experimental outfit PAK, its current lineup containing members of The Molecules, Cleric, Imperial Triumphant, and more. The diverse and damaging album is now available on CD and all digital platforms, streaming in its entirety.

For more than fifteen years of touring and recording, PAK has released six recordings on labels including Ra Sounds, Magaibutsu Japan, Tzadik, and others. Combining powerful avant metal, the complexity of prog rock, and inspired moments of improvisation, PAK’s music stands unique. Founder Ron Anderson is back on guitar with a more powerful heavier sound, while new recruits, bassist Steve Blanco (Imperial Triumphant) and drummer Larry Kwartowitz (Cleric) are helping in stretching the band’s previous boundaries, pushing PAK to new sonic directions.

Video: PAK Live at The Mothership, Philadelphia, PA 3/9/2019 

PAK’s newest album Bestial is a surreal and cerebral experience. Feeling simultaneously both free-form and focused, familiar but unaccustomed, border-free but not without direction, the album flows through white-knuckled rhythm whiplash, otherworldly tones, tranquil plains of organic rock, and straight-up slamming, jarring jams. Seven expansive, explosive songs harness more than fifty-two minutes of immersive metallic, experimental rock, much of which remains primarily instrumental.

Produced by Ron Anderson, Bestial was recorded in two days in September 2018, captured at Menegroth, The Thousand Caves, in Queens, New York City with Colin Marston. The album was mixed and mastered by Anderson and completed with artwork by Will Argunas and layout by Greg Meisenberg. PAK is definitely back, and Bestial is a must-hear for fans of John Zorn, Dysrhythmia, Melvins, Mörglbl, Stinking Lizaveta, Goreguts, and other noncompliant and exploratory acts.

Bestial is now available on all digital platforms, and in a four-panel eco-wallet CD alongside merch and bundle options RIGHT HERE. 

Stream PAK - Bestial at bandcamp
Hold the date June 6th for PAK New York release event at The Kingsland with Dysrhythmia, Stinking Lizaveta and Shardik 

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