English Translation from Spanish of a review of the Oblique Quartet CD Tlaloc Beat.

Here is an English Translation from Spanish of a review of the Oblique Quartet CD Tlaloc Beat. (if you want to read the Spanish version click the link). Also I now have a box of CDs so if you want to get on send me a message. 


Tlaloc Beat is the title of the debut of Oblique Quartet. Instrumental quartet from Mexico and USA, made up Azael Gonzalez 'Chazy' (drums), Ron Anderson (guitar), Marco Fierro (analog synthesizer), and Carlos Fierro (low).

Contrary to what one might expect from its title and cover, this work has little or nothing to do with pre-Hispanic music (musically speaking), I make this clarification because people who do not know the people involved in this project, might think that is what this music is about. Oblique Quartet is a mixture of rock, noise, hardcore, punk, and even a little jazz. With improvisation as a fundamental part of their sound, a great mix between Merzbow and Black Flag.

The eclectic sound not only stays in each cut but is palpable throughout the Tlaloc Beat. The Great Temple and Octli have influences from punk/hardcore, while Agua Celeste has a couple of blues solos, Lluvia y Trueno sounds like the music of the end credits of a TV show or documentary, and Inframundo seems out a horror movie score, I think they could not have written a better theme to close the disc.

The drums sound insane in almost all tracks, and bass rumbles at all times, the combination of these two instruments is that gives a touch of improvisation, jam, and free jazz (I hate that term), to Tlaloc Beat.

It is a great work that certainly is best enjoyed live, I think the studio versions are truncated in one way or another, the live concert sound was a thousand times better, much more 'loose'. The band is a bomb that explodes in your face again and again. Marco, Azael and Carlos will make you move at all costs, and leave you deaf, while Ron, which reminds me to Mark Arm (Mudhoney), not only physically but also by the way they function on stage- it will leave you with the mouth open at the energy. If you have the chance to see them, not fail to take advantage, you will not regret it.

The album was released by Alphatuari, independent label founded by Marco and Carlos Fierro. The packaging was done by hand, so it is very worthwhile purchase a copy on CD, only 150 were made.

Octli is the best example of my talk, and was chosen as an official single.

Amazing debut for a band that barely a year of existence. Seven tracks, 27 minutes, here are the Bandcamp, where they can listen and buy the Tlaloc Beat.



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