Goodbye Blue Monday - Experi-MENTAL Festival 4

Goodbye Blue Monday - Experi-MENTAL Festival 4, 1087 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY

Ron Anderson, Lawry Zilmrah, Dave Tamura, Robert Pepper The 4th edition of the The Experi-MENTAL Festival will be held on October 5, 6 and 7, 2012. The Experi-MENTAL Festival 4 will be a three-day music festival concentrating on creative and experimental music performance of all genres and artistic disciplines. The festival is run by the Brooklyn based experimental audio/video project PAS and the Alrealon Musique label. The festival will take place in Brooklyn on the weekend of October 5, 6, and 7th at Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn, New York. The festival focuses on new and innovative techniques of sound technique and performance. We are focused in developing a network of experimental arts that are supportive of their peers. It’s not about ego but about community.