"Certain artworks seem inextricably bound to the place where they were conceived and created. In the case of Secret Curve, the latest release from Ron Anderson’s trio PAK, that place is New York City. The collection exists in a state of insanely high tension almost from the beginning to the end. Structurally, and in its harmonic changes, PAK’s music evokes the exaggeratedly dramatic work of such European chamber outfits as Universe Zero or Art Zoyd, but it’s definitely rock, played brutal, fast and frenzied as possible."

"This is a downtown thrash-jazz tour de force..... the music has a Ron Anderson sound to it. This is HIS music. This is original music. This is exciting music."

 "Part musical genius and part delirious madman, when you're listening to Anderson's music you're never quite sure whether you're listening to the ravings of an insane musical genius or the genius moments of a totally unschooled dilettante."

“This is the music Thelonious Monk would be making if he were alive today.”

"Ron Anderson is among the lifers forming the vital backbone of the NYC new-music scene" - Time Out New York

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