PAK- Bestial - CD


PAK - Bestial is a surreal and cerebral experience. Feeling simultaneously both free-form and focused, familiar but unaccustomed, border-free but not without direction, the album flows through white-knuckled rhythm whiplash, otherworldly tones, tranquil plains of organic rock, and straight-up slamming, jarring jams. Seven expansive, explosive songs harness more than fifty-two minutes of immersive metallic, experimental rock, much of which remains primarily instrumental.

Produced by Ron Anderson, Bestial was recorded in two days in September 2018, captured at Menegroth, The Thousand Caves, in Queens, New York City with Colin Marston. The album was mixed and mastered by Anderson and completed with artwork by Will Argunas and layout by Greg Meisenberg. PAK is definitely back, and Bestial is a must-hear for fans of John Zorn, Dysrhythmia, Melvins, Mörglbl, Stinking Lizaveta, Gore, and other noncompliant and exploratory acts.

Bestial is now available on all digital platforms, and in a four-panel eco-wallet CD alongside merch and bundle options

PAK - Bestial CD


Oblique Quartet - Tlaloc Beat

  Tlaloc Beat is the debut CD by Oblique Quartet which was founded in 2014 in Mexico City. Oblique’s music incorporates apparently unrelated styles like rock, noise and free improvisation to build a magical crazy aural realm. Inspired by the human offerings made to Tlaloc, the god of rain in Aztec civilization, Tlaloc Beat is a sonic mayhem featuring screaming guitar of Ron Anderson, synth noise-swirls of Marco Fierro, hypnotic bass of Carlos Fierro (Stalaktos) and lightning-fast grooving drums of Azael Gonzalez (Jolliete, Kill Aniston).  Oblique Quartet explores the depths of Tenochtitlan with a mix between Merbow and Black Flag.

PAK - Secret Curve (CD) - Tzadik

Ron Anderson's PAK - Secret Curve -  More than two years in the making, no guitar, no voice, powerful, complex and filled with unpredictable avant-rock surprises.  For this recording PAK is Ron Anderson - bass  Keith Abrams - drums  Tim Byrnes - trumpet and keyboards.  With Special guests Anthony Coleman - piano  Jerome Noetinger - electronics, tape manipulation  Eve Risser - piano  Tom Swafford - violin  Stefan Zeniuk - clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, bass saxophone, english horn.

 From the Tzadik website: "Ron Anderson is a multi-instrumentalist intuitive music maker whose compositions, bands, collaborations and solo projects combine heavy rock intensity with improvisation and a level of compositional complexity rarely matched. For his third CD with his band PAK, he has avoided the electric guitar and orchestrated a rich and orchestral sound with keyboards, strings, horns and electronics. One of the most maddening releases he has ever created, Secret Curve is mind blower, and one of Ron's masterpieces. Featuring some of the best players out of the downtown scene, it is a brilliant new direction for this brave musical explorer who has worked with artists as diverse as Elliott Sharp, Sun City Girls, Otomo Yoshihide, James Chance and Haco."  label - Tzadik

PAK - The Ashfield Sessions (CDR) - Ra Sounds Edition of 150

PAK - The Ashfield Sessions - 43 minute CDR is a rough demo of some of the music on Secret Curve.  This is a limited Edition with only 150 hand numbered copies made for the 2008 European Tour.  Ron Anderson - bass and voice, Keith Abrams - drums, Tim Byrnes - Trumpet and Voice. Only a few copies left.

"Pak, live 3/28 at the Stone, was quite a show. The newly formed version of Pak might have left some wondering what would happen without Jesse Krakow, but the new line-up shows that this isn't an imitation of the old, but a wholly new thing. Varying amounts of frantic, synchronized playing (as expected), more ambient noise pieces (less expected), some nice established grooves (think parts of L'Hotel Plastique), chess references, keyboard sounds that brought back memories of Mr Bungle's first album, some synchronized sax and trumpet playing, a nigh-hardcore song in Spanish, an amazing drum solo in a time signature that felt like it might be 29/16 or 31/16, and equipment emitting an interesting plastic smoky smell made for a memorable night. The new Pak has a tendency to fall into grooves more easily than the old (Ron is a bassist now!), which makes for a different sound - not a bad thing at all." - Alex Lozupone

The Molecules - Friends (CD/CDR) Ra Sounds

The Molecules - Friends.   This 2-pack contains a 68 minute CD of unreleased new music and a full length DVD of video performances of all three versions of the band.  In 1997-98 Ron Anderson, Thomas Scandura and John Shiurba recorded and assembled a huge amount of work for a triple CD called Complete Self Indulgence that was never released.  The music was one third composed "songs", one third studio improvisations and one third live recordings from European and USA tours.  These recordings have been edited down to one powerful CD called FriendsFriends is mainly the composed "songs" and should prove to be one of the most challenging avant- rock recordings ever made.  At times tonal and melodic, but most other times atonal with odd tempo time signatures or even non- rhythmic parts that still seem somehow to have a groove, all performed with a "rock" attitude.  There are also some great performances by some special guests. Carla Kihlstedt from Sleepy Time Gorilla Museum (who also plays on the PAK Motel CD) plays on several tracks.  Aurora Rising, also on the CD, makes very good use of her training as a modern classical singer as well as an improviser.  Jason Willet mixes some improvised tracks recorded with that famous Megaphone Baltimore sound.  Friends is the tightest, most out, weirdest, avant-punk, prog, improv, noise - one hundred percent MOLECULES!

This project was started when Thomas Scandura got The Molecules video archives from Ron Anderson and spent many hours going through dozens of performances from 1990 ~ 1997.  The best and/or most interesting are found on the DVD, including performances with the three different bass players - Chris Millner, Ryo and John Shiurba.

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PAK - Motel (CD) Ra Sounds - Sold Out - available only as a download or CDR

PAK - Motel - PAK has a great new drummer on this recording, Keith Abrams (you know this if you have been lucky to catch a gig in NYC or have seen us on tour). Jesse Krakow on bass (who also works with Gary Lucus and his Captain Beefhart project Fast n'Bulbous and Time Of Orchids) and Keith form one of the most amazing rhythm sections I have ever heard. Many of the parts on the new PAK CD were written expressly with the idea to let these musicians fly!

There is also an array of special guests.  First ( from Sleepy Time Gorilla Museum) Carla Kihlstedt plays violin.  She recorded with The Molecules back in the California days, and can finally be here on the new Friends CD.  Needless to say Carla really burns it up on Motel.   There is also Tim Byrnes on trumpet.  Tim plays with the Friendly Bears (another New York band you should check out.)      
Stephen Gauci and Ross Bonadonna (Eric Mingus band) each make an appearance and do some great playing on their saxophones.

Even though for me, the most important thing on this CD is the disjoined avant-rock compositions. (Yes, I'm still working with crazy odd times like 13/8)  I guess I should tell you that my guitar playing on Motel is not too shabby, but well, OK, pretty damn great.  label/Ra Sounds

 "Punctuated by vocals this is really an instrumental record, and shows the tremendous skills of all involved. The interplay between the trio is incredible, and the recordings are so sharp that nothing is missed."  Squidco

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The Infusion - Red Horse (CD) Ra Sounds


 Red Horse is the second release from The Infusion (Anderson, Paquotte, Zekri). This CD was recorded after their performance at the Victoriaville festival in 2003. The music progresses from Camel Zekri's beautiful Algerian style guitar playing to hauntingly exotic soundscapes that then build using rhythmic complexities to create a powerful mesmerizing CD.  


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Blipvert - Triple Acid Foot (CD) Ra Sounds

  BlipVert is the moniker for composer/musician Will Redmond and who play second guitar on the first PAK cd. Triple Acid Foot is the debut solo release by Will that delivers high-energy electronic music that combines disjointed rhythms, ambient textures and raw inspired sounds. This is music without compromise or constraints, introducing new ideas at a blistering and frantic pace. With a new EP already in the works, BlipVert is sure to be stretching the boundaries of computer music for some time to come. label/Ra Sounds  


Ron Anderson and Jason Willett - Be The First On The Block To Eat The Snake(CD) Ra Sounds

Imagine if you can Joe Meek and Merzbow locked in a dusty old recording studio for a week with Sun Ra shaking his head, smiling, but then nodding with approval. Well, of course that will never happen but, Jason Willett (Megaphone Records, Jad Fair) and Ron Anderson did immerse themselves in a Baltimore studio with dozens of instruments and with the help of some friends produced this CD. At times almost pop music, other times more abstract rhythmic out rock, always fun. You need to eat the snake! "Recommended for spaced-out teens, or for aficionados of extremely avant garde noise-rock" Duncan Glenday - Sea Of Tranquility (Note: that there are 40 signed by RA and Jason Willett, numbered copies available only from this website)

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PAK - 100 Percent Human Hair (CD) Ra Sounds

100 Percent Human Hair is the first CD by the New York out rock ensemble PAK.  Complex, high energy, unpredictable. Produced by Elliott Sharp. "PAK mix Ruins, Magma, Zappa, Beefheart and other progressive influences into their own unique and often over-the-top prog blend. Extremely tight, intricate and constantly shifting through a myriad of ridiculous changes." Bruce - Downtown Music Gallery.

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RonRuins - Big Shoes (CD) Magaibutsu

The Tokyo Duet Ruins (Yoshida Tatsuya and Sasaki Hisashi) and Ron Anderson offer up their second CD as RONRUINS. Big Shoes is mostly a 16-track digital live recording from the Penguin House in Tokyo. Here are the compositions that they performed together during their tours of Europe, USA, and Japan with all fire and spontaneity intact, with plenty of their very wild improvisation and crazed vocals. The CD has 18 tracks of high-speed energy and creativity and is available only as a Japanese import. Two bonus tracks are from the concert in Kobe, Japan with the Japanese Vocalist, Haco

The Infusion - Infusion CD 33revpermi - Unavailable

What happens when a musician from North Africa adds electronics to his acoustic guitar and develops an interest in free improvisation and the avant-garde of Europe? What would it sound like if he teamed up with two "Rock" musicians with similar interests, one from Europe and one from North America?  The answer is this CD. Camel Zekri on acoustic guitar and electronics who now lives in Paris, a descendent from generations of Algerian musicians. He saw a similar link between the free improvisation of Europe and the traditional music of Africa. Forming Festival de l'Eau (see The Wire magazine Feb. 2002) he brought Europeans to Africa to make some new and unrehearsed music. But Camel is just one third of the story of  The Infusion. Olivier Paquotte is a Bassist who lives in Nancy, France who uses the Bass more for it's sonic capabilities than it's rhythmic. Using feedback, distortion, a slide on the strings, he gives the instrument a wide range, sometimes like a guitar, sometimes like a drum. Likewise Ron Anderson gets many unusual sounds from the three instruments he plays on this recording. Trumpet through echo and other effects, drum machine played in real time with real fingers, and electric guitar blending and working together in rhythm with the other two musicians. Improvised live in the studio in Vandoeuvre, plus excerpts from concerts in Paris and Lille makes this an all French recording from the label/33revpermi.

Ron Anderson - Anything Is Possible (CD) Ra Sounds

 Once again Ron Anderson takes out his editing block and cuts up his music to produce a new listening experience. Everything from guitar solo’s tahta sound like they come from North Africa to noise from the New York Subway. The many twists and turns in this music make it impossible to know where the listener will be taken next. Dozens of instruments are used in unlikely ways. Guitars, drums, saxophones and keyboards and also unconventional instrumentation; pipe organ, oud, shenai, bicycle, cup phones, thermin, giant guitar harp. Twenty-seven musicians perform on this CD including Daniel Carter, Yoshida Tatsuya, Jason Willett, Dave Slusser, Shelly Hirsch, John Myers,
Race Age, Gino Robair and Glenn Sorvisto.

The Molecules - Steel Toe (CD) Tragic Mule


  The Molecules - Steel Toe - This is First CD by THE MOLECULES. With the Original line-up of Anderson, Millner, Scandura. Recorded in the fall of 90 - spring of 91. The sound is raw and loud, many of the tracks are taken from various shows in the San Francisco Bay Area. "The Molecules musical patchwork takes threads of Napalm Death, John Zorn, the Minutemen, free jazz, no wave, and Captain Beefheat, and sews it all together in a ragged non-pattern with a rusty needle of guitar, bass, drums, horns and synths." OPTION 

The Molecules - Down Under The Black Light (CD) Tragic Mule - Sold Out

  The Molecules - Down Under The Black Light - THE MOLECULES second CD. More satire on the burnt out American scene with music that you can't tap your toe to. Watch out for that time change Eugene! Included on this CD are some conversational interludes with the people they met  during their first U.S.A. tour. "This CD absolutely mandates more than a single listen" BAM MAGAZINE. "the band's herky-jerky, stop/start time changes and complex, almost mathematical interplay are no ad lib coincidence." SF WEEKLY  Under Fifty copies left.

The Molecules - Morokyu (CD) Sento - Sold Out

This Japanese import CD contains some of tightest playing from the original trio. The music production has become more sonic and experimental. The original artwork includes a full page comic illustration by Eye Yamatsuka. "Extensive post-production and tweaking has been applied, not to craft a smoother piece of product, but quite the contrary, to exploit and exaggerate contrasts"..........." this may just be the great Faust/Minutemen fusion epic The Molecules were born to make." BOSTON ROCK  " The songs on this CD are even more impressive than what I heard three years ago when we played together." SEIICHI YAMAMOTO of BOREDOMS   label/Sento   Sold out  I have the some of the original unfolded artwork with Eye's Illustrations -  sold with CDR copy.  Email me to order.

The Molecules - No-Fi (CD) Amanita/Commercial Failure - Sold Out

With the fourth CD the Japanese connection continues with the new Japanese import on bass Ryo, and a guest appearance of Melt Banana singer Yasuko Uki. Cellist Fred Lonberg Holm makes his second appearance on a Molecule's recording. More dada editing and great playing in The Molecules style. Much of this CD became part of the touring song list for many years.


The Molecules - Bootleg or Rootleg (CDR) Amanita - Sold Out

  The Molecules - Bootleg or Rootleg - The Live CD. Part one recorded at The Fillmore is San Francisco, U.S.A. 7/21/95. Part two is from B.A.C.H. in Vienna, Austria 10/13/95. This is the second version of the band with Ryo on bass. The concert from Vienna is a killer, shows how this band could improvise live. Also a cover of Frank Zappa's Who Are The Brain Police. Available only as part of a very limited edition from Amanita, France

Ron Anderson - Pack Small Are Half Inch (CD) Rastascan - Out of Stock


   On this solo CD Ron Anderson is joined by 12 other musicians to make lighting fast musical insanity. Hundreds of edits on half inch eight track analog tape, turn the recording studio inside out. No Computers were used for this raw listening experience. "Ron Anderson takes his mutant free-improv/punk- rock hybrid to new extremes on his latest solo effort." S.F. BAY GUARDIAN  "Aggressive engineering warps tempos and strangles riffs....propelled forward by a supercharged vision." S.F. WEEKLY  "Every track is a sonic experiment" ALTERNATIVE PRESS


Ron Anderson and Tatsuya - First Meeting (CD) Commercial Failure - Sold Out


First Meeting - The premiere CD of Ron Anderson and the drummer master mind behind the Japanese duo RUINS,  Tatsuya. Yoshida Incredible drumming, Lighting fast guitar and   unpredictable musical directions. "Improvisations around a common vocabulary with hardcore grammar and bashing syntax-high energy band-talk-speedily executed, dripping sweat....,Esperanto of electrocution." REVIEW ET CORRIGEE.                                                                                                                                                                  

Tatsuya Yoshida and Ron Anderson - A Is For A Accident (CD) F.M.N. Sound Factory - Sold Out

  Taken from an all improvised three set concert recorded live in Tokyo.  "Tatsuya and Anderson...go for  texture, a visceral response, an attitude of verve, and exuberance, and they nail the sucker. The resulting music is exhilarating, if not cathartic." OPTION  "..the duo conjure the kind of energy reminiscent of the tone and drive of the '80s Bill Laswell/Fred Frith aggregate Massacre." ALTERNATIVE PRESS

RonRuins - Ketsunoana (CD) Pandemonium - Sold Out

  After years of touring and playing together on three continents, it was bound to happen. RONRUINS is Ron Anderson plus RUINS. You won't believe that the music on this French Import was improvised and not composed, recorded all in less than one day. Three masterful musicians having fun and at their best!  "..densely configured and fiercely played....Ronruins can engage and discard conventional thrash/hardcore with contemptuous ease." THE WIRE.       

Happy New Year - Happy New Year (CD) Megaphone - Sold Out


Loud free rock just the way you like it. Ron Anderson, (bass, cornet, guitar, voice) Glenn Sorvisto, (drums, voice) 99 Hooker (tenor sax) bring you on a beer coaster poetry ride. "Buy this CD it will become important; a witness to the final and effective victory of the analogical, the ultimate demonstration of the superiority of the biological over the numerical. Let it rock." REVUE ET CORRIGEE  label/megaphone        

Happy New Year - Live From The Back Part Of The Flag (CD) Amanita - Just found 3 last copies, then it's gone forever.


 Happy New Year -  Live From The Back Part Of The Flag -  HAPPY NEW YEAR recorded live at various venues in France including Musique Action Festival 95 on this French import CD. Free wheelin' spontaneous songs erupt out of a collective goo. "...a new form of jazz, free, but with the energy and the clairvoyance inherited more from people such as the Mother of Invention and the Magic Band......Did we mention Albert Ayler?" REVUE ET CORRIGEE  


Ron Anderson and Steve Buchanan - Virus (CD) Amanita/Dephine Knormal Musik - Limited Addition of 500, Less then 30 Left.


  Ron Anderson and Steve Buchanan - Virus - METAL EATER is a duet between Steve Buchanan and Ron Anderson. A dark landscape of sound with mutant guitars and drum machines mixed with processed voices and electric saxophone unlike anything you've heard before. The artwork on this CD is by RA, a fold out silk screen hand made to the size of a seven inch sleeve. Limited addition of 500 number copies.

Yellow Tang (CD) Audible Constructs - A few Left


  Yellow Tang - In 1987 YELLOW TANG was maybe the first improvising group to use use real time sampling. "What follows is a high energy set of five works which enveloped the listeners in a sea of sound. A constantly changing barrage of rhythmic patterns are whipped-off by Anderson's driving, picked bass; he pulsates with his instrument, with lightning fast finger work, Kildiss, leading over his keyboard, puts if through a variety of programs with searing distortions and ear-splitting onslaughts. Donohue plays with precision and force..."  BROOKLYN PAPER  label/Audible Constructs 

Erase Yer Head #6 (7-inch EP)


    Erase Yer Head #6 - THE MOLECULES with Ryo on Bass bring you Black As Milk on the split 7inch single with RUINS, MUG, ALBOTH!, and BELLY BUTTON. Art work by Caroline Sury of Le Dernier Cri    label/Pandemonium
Back in stock, 

Knormalities (7-inch EP) Dephine Knormal Musik - Sold Out


  Knormalities - How many bands can you get on a 7 inch single? Here are seven tracks by MELT-BANANA, RUINS, MOE! STAIANO, THE MOLECULES, VACUUM TREE HEAD, FLYING LUTTENBACHERS, and MONO PAUSE.  Limited number Pressing of 1000.   label/Dephine Knormal Musik  

Ron Anderson (12 inch LP) Tragic Mule - Less then 20 copies left.


This Ron Anderson's first release, recorded in1986-87. L.P.'s left from the original printing of only 1000. These last 25 will be signed and Dated. " ....Ron's guitar forays may resemble Steve Tibbetts, or the eccentric rock structures call to mind Fred Frith's recent recordings but on the whole this is exceptional music that should be judged on it's own merits, full of experimentation and fresh ideas. Startling, challenging and rewarding." AUDION   label/Tragic Mule

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